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Andy Snider

Andy Snider

Elder | Lead Pastor & Pastor of Equipping

Andy has masters and doctoral degrees in systematic theology from The Master’s Seminary, where he also served as a professor for 11 years. After an additional 2 years of teaching at BMA Theological Seminary he was led by the Lord into full-time pastoral ministry at Radiant Church. He is married to the amazing Pam Snider, and together they have three grown daughters, two of whom are married.

Andy's pursuit of seminary classroom ministry was always accompanied by active involvement in local church ministry: teaching classes and Bible studies, discipling young adults, music ministry along with Pam, and more. With the move to Radiant Church in 2016, he sees his new full-time pastoral ministry in the local church as the fruit of these years of teaching and learning.

Outside of—or rather, alongside of—his love for the local church, Andy enjoys spending time roasting and brewing high-grade specialty coffee from around the world. This made him and Pam especially glad to move to the city of Austin, which has become well-known for its coffee.

Other than keeping up with the kids, Pam and Andy enjoy movies, music, and Maggie, the black Labrador retriever who tries to run their household.

Favorite extra-biblical quote: "Humility is the only soil in which the graces root" (Andrew Murray, Humility: The Beauty of Holiness).